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    The making of gender equality in Tunisia and implications for development.

    Baliamoune-Lutz M

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011. 38 p.

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    South-South cooperation in reproductive health. The Tunisian experience.

    Tunisia. Office National de la Famille et de la Population [ONFP]

    Tunis, Republic of Tunisia, Office National de la Famille et de la Population, 2012. 30 p.

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    Behcet's syndrome and pregnancy: course of the disease and pregnancy outcome.

    Ben-Chetrit E

    Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology. 2014 Jul-Aug; 32(4 Suppl 84):S93-8.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Violence against women in the marriage : Cross-sectional study in the family planning clinic Monastir.

    Anes Jellali I; Jellali MA; Gataa R; Mechri A

    La Tunisie Medicale. 2015 Aug-Sep; 93(8):516-22.

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    Tunisia: Country statistical fact sheet.

    United States. Agency for International Development [USAID]

    [Washington, D.C.], USAID, 2015 May. [2] p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    [National survey of maternal mortality of 2010 : data of Tunisia] L'enquete Nationale Tunisienne sur la mortalite maternelle de 2010 : A propos des donnees de Tunis.

    Tej Dellagi R; Bougatef S; Ben Salah F; Ben Mansour N; Gzara A; Gritli I; Ben Romdhane H; Rachdi MT

    La Tunisie Medicale. 2014 Aug-Sep; 92(8-9):560-6.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Risk factors for perinatal mortality in a Tunisian population.

    Nouaili EB; Chaouachi S; Ayadi I; Ben Said A; Zouari B; Marrakchi Z

    International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 2010 Dec; 111(3):265-6.

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    Peer Reviewed

    [Integrated management of mother and child health in the region of Monastir (Tunisia)] Piese en charge integrer de la sante de la mere et de L'Enfant dans la region de Monastir (Tunisie).

    Soltani MS; El Mhamdi S; Sriha A; Bouanene I; Bouchahda I; Bouchahda M

    Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 2014 Aug; 20(8):483-90.

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    Peer Reviewed

    A two-pill sublingual misoprostol outpatient regimen following mifepristone for medical abortion through 70 days' LMP: a prospective comparative open-label trial.

    Bracken H; Dabash R; Tsertsvadze G; Posohova S; Shah M

    Contraception. 2014 Mar; 89(3):181-186.

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    The Arab spring in Tunisia: urgent plea for a public health system (r)evolution.

    Berhouma M

    World Neurosurgery. 2013 Sep-Oct; 80(3-4):260-3.

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    [Results of a pilot study for breast cancer screening by mammography in Sfax region, Tunisia] Resultats d'un essai pilote de depistage de cancer du sein par mammographie dans la region de Sfax, Tunisie.

    Frikha M; Yaiche O; Elloumi F; Mnejja W; Slimi L; Kassis M; Daoud J

    Journal De Gynecologie, Obstetrique Et Biologie De La Reproduction. 2013 May; 42(3):252-61.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Ectopic pregnancy under Implanon contraception: a case of encysted haematocele.

    Mbarki C; Hsayaoui N; Ben Abdelaziz A; Khediri Z; Najjar M; Souai A; Somai M; Mezghenni S; Oueslati H

    La Tunisie Medicale. 2013 Sep; 91(9):561-2.

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    Gendering the Arab Spring? Rights and (in)security of Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan women.

    Johansson-Nogues E

    Security Dialogue. 2013 Oct-Dec; 44(5-6):393-409.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Comparison of misoprostol-only and combined mifepristone-misoprostol regimens for home-based early medical abortion in Tunisia and Vietnam.

    Blum J; Raghavan S; Dabash R; Ngoc Nt; Chelli H; Hajri S; Conkling K; Winikoff B

    International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 2012 Aug; 118(2):166-71.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Epidemiological features of sexually transmitted infections among women in Tunisia: high prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis among women requesting abortion.

    Znazen A; Zribi N; Maazoun L; Khrouf S; Hammami A

    Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2013 Feb; 89(1):56.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Sexuality and contraception: A prospective study about 85 cases.

    Mathlouthi N; Jarraya M; Bengharbi A; Dhouib M; Chaabene K; Trabelsi K; Amouri H; Ben Ayed B; Guermazi M

    La Tunisie Medicale. 2013 Mar; 91(3):179-82.

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    North African women on the barricades. Activists press for freedom, dignity and rights.

    Naib F

    Africa Renewal. 2012; Spec No:18.

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    [Adherence to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected patients in Sousse, Tunisia] Observance au traitement antiretroviral chez les patients infectes par le VIH a Sousse, Tunisie.

    Hachfi W; Bellazreg F; Bougmiza I; Gloulou O; Kaabia N; Bahri F; Letaief A

    Medecine Et Sante Tropicales. 2012 Jan-Mar; 22(1):105-7.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Women's views and experiences of their vaginal bleeding patterns: an international perspective from Norplant users.

    d'Arcangues C; Jackson E; Brache V; Piaggio G

    European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care. 2011 Feb; 16(1):9-17.

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    Collaborating with countries to improve supply chains.

    Program for Appropriate Technology in Health [PATH]; World Health Organization [WHO]. Optimize: Immunization Systems and Technologies for Tomorrow

    [Seattle, Washington], PATH, [2010]. [4] p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    HPV types and variants among cervical cancer tumors in three regions of Tunisia.

    KrennHrubec K; Mrad K; Sriha B; Ben Ayed F; Bottalico DM; Ostolaza J; Smith B; Tchaikovska T; Soliman AS; Burk RD

    Journal of Medical Virology. 2011 Apr; 83(4):651-7.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Reduced maternal mortality in Tunisia and voluntary commitment to gender-related concerns.

    Farhat EB; Chaouch M; Chelli H; Gara MF; Boukraa N; Garbouj M; Hamrouni M; Fourati A; Calvez T; Thonneau P

    International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 2012 Feb; 116(2):165-8.

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    [Chronological observation of the epidemiological characteristics of perinatal indicators in the Monastir health region (Tunisia) between 1994 and 2008] Caracteristiques epidemiologiques chronologiques des indicateurs de perinatalite dans la region sanitaire de Monastir (Tunisie) entre 1994-2008.

    El Mhamdi S; Ben Salem K; Bouanene I; Soussi Soltani M

    Sante Publique. 2011 Jul-Aug; 23(4):287-95.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Epidemiological survey of vulvovaginal candidosis in Sfax, Tunisia.

    Amouri I; Sellami H; Borji N; Abbes S; Sellami A; Cheikhrouhou F; Maazoun L; Khaled S; Khrouf S; Boujelben Y; Ayadi A

    Mycoses. 2011 Sep; 54(5):e499-505.

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    Peer Reviewed

    [Knowledge and practices of women in Monastir, Tunisia regarding breastfeeding] Connaissances et pratiques des femmes de la region de Monastir (Tunisie) concernant l'allaitement maternel.

    Bouanene I; ElMhamdi S; Sriha A; Bouslah A; Soltani M

    Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 2010 Aug; 16(8):879-85.

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