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    Peer Reviewed

    Nature and Prevalence of Menstrual Disorders among Teenage Female Students at Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt.

    Nooh AM; Abdul-Hady A; El-Attar N

    Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. 2016 Apr; 29(2):137-42.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Gender relations and women's reproductive health in South Sudan.

    Kane S; Rial M; Matere A; Dieleman M; Broerse JE; Kok M

    Global Health Action. 2016; 9:33047.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Social norms and family planning decisions in South Sudan.

    Kane S; Kok M; Rial M; Matere A; Dieleman M; Broerse JE

    BMC Public Health. 2016 Nov 22; 16(1):1183.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Undoing female genital cutting: perceptions and experiences of infibulation, defibulation, and virginity among Somali and Sudanese migrants in Norway.

    Johansen REB

    Culture, Health and Sexuality. 2016 Oct 31; 1-15.

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    Peer Reviewed

    HIV/AIDS: trends in the Middle East and North Africa region.

    Gokengin D; Doroudi F; Tohme J; Collins B; Madani N

    International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2016 Mar; 44:66-73.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Episiotomy and obstetric outcomes among women living with type 3 female genital mutilation: a secondary analysis.

    Rodriguez MI; Seuc A; Say L; Hindin MJ

    Reproductive Health. 2016 Oct 10; 13(1):1-7.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Health-care providers' perceptions, attitudes towards and recommendation practice of cervical cancer screening.

    Hweissa NA; Lim JN; Su TT

    European Journal of Cancer Care. 2016 Sep; 25(5):864-870.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Evidence from cluster surveys on the association between home-based counseling and use of family planning in conflict-affected Darfur.

    Adam IF

    International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. 2016 May; 133(2):221-225.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Association of Rift Valley fever virus infection with miscarriage in Sudanese women: a cross-sectional study.

    Baudin M; Jumaa AM; Jomma HJ; Karsany MS; Bucht G; Naslund J; Ahlm C; Evander M; Mohamed N

    Lancet Global Health. 2016 Nov; 4(11):e864-e871.

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  10. 10

    Gender and child rights in Eastern Africa. A survey of laws and policies on child marriage, economic exploitation and inheritance.

    African Child Policy Forum

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), 2015. 102 p.

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    Sudan’s HIV response: value for money in a low-level HIV epidemic: findings from the HIV allocative efficiency study.

    Fraser N; Benedikt C; Obst M; Masaki E; Görgens M; Stuart R; Shattock A; Gray R; Wilson D

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2014 Sep. [93] p.

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    From analysis to action: a case study on how allocative efficiency analysis supported by mathematical modelling changed HIV investment in Sudan.

    Benedikt C; Fraser-Hurt N

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2015 Nov. 12 p.

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    Achieving MDGs 4 & 5: Egypt’s progress on maternal and child health.

    Sarker I; Saadat S; Cortez R; Abdel-Hamid AHM

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2014 Aug. 4 p. (Health, Nutrition and Population Knowledge Brief)

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    [Infant feeding practices in Nouakchott: between medical guidelines and grandmothers' instructions] Alimentation des nourrissons a Nouakchott?: entre recommandations medicales et instructions des grand-meres.

    Diagana MS; Kane H

    Sante Publique. 2016 Mar-Apr; 28(2):235-43.

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  15. 15

    The making of gender equality in Tunisia and implications for development.

    Baliamoune-Lutz M

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011. 38 p.

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    South-South cooperation in reproductive health. The Tunisian experience.

    Tunisia. Office National de la Famille et de la Population [ONFP]

    Tunis, Republic of Tunisia, Office National de la Famille et de la Population, 2012. 30 p.

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    Characterizing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa: time for strategic action.

    Abu-Raddad LJ; Akala FA; Semini I; Riedner G; Wilson D; Tawil O

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2010. [304] p. (World Bank Report No. 54889)

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    Peer Reviewed

    A Comparative Analysis of Contraceptive Use in Africa: Evidence from DHS.

    Stiegler N; Susuman AS

    Journal of Asian and African Studies. 2016 Aug 1; 51(4):416-432.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Trends in attitudes towards female genital mutilation among ever-married Egyptian women, evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 1995-2014: paths of change.

    Van Rossem R; Meekers D; Gage AJ

    International Journal For Equity In Health. 2016; 15:31.

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    Peer Reviewed

    A cross sectional study of maternal 'near-miss' cases in major public hospitals in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

    Bashour H; Saad-Haddad G; DeJong J; Ramadan MC; Hassan S; Breebaart M; Wick L; Hassanein N; Kharouf M

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2015; 15:296.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Monitoring subnational regional inequalities in health: measurement approaches and challenges.

    Hosseinpoor AR; Bergen N; Barros AJ; Wong KL; Boerma T; Victora CG

    International Journal For Equity In Health. 2016; 15:18.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Actions on social determinants and interventions in primary health to improve mother and child health and health equity in Morocco.

    Boutayeb W; Lamlili M; Maamri A; Ben El Mostafa S; Boutayeb A

    International Journal For Equity In Health. 2016; 15:19.

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  23. 23

    Engaging men for effective activism against sexual and gender-based violence.

    Müller C; Shahrokh T; Smithyes C

    Brighton, United Kingdom, Institute for Development Studies [IDS], 2016 Jan. [4] p. (IDS Policy Briefing Issue 108)

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  24. 24

    Towards more inclusive strategies to address gender-based violence.

    Shahrokh T

    Brighton, United Kingdom, Institute for Development Studies [IDS], 2015 Nov. [4] p. (IDS Policy Briefing Issue 104)

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    Behcet's syndrome and pregnancy: course of the disease and pregnancy outcome.

    Ben-Chetrit E

    Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology. 2014 Jul-Aug; 32(4 Suppl 84):S93-8.

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