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    New century, old disparities: gender and ethnic earnings gaps in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Ñopo H

    Washington, D.C., Inter-American Development Bank, 2012. [351] p. (Latin American development forum series)

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    Toward gender equality in East Asia and the Pacific: a companion to the World Development Report.

    World Bank

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2012. [268] p. (World Bank East Asia and Pacific regional report)

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    Peer Reviewed

    Exports, gender wage gaps, and poverty in Honduras.

    De Hoyos RE; Bussolo M; Núñez O

    Oxford Development Studies. 2012 Sep; 40(4):533-551.

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    Argentina: women weaving equitable gender relations.

    Stubbs J

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2008 Jan. 4 p. (en breve No. 114)

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    Promoting gender parity: lessons from Yemen: a JICA technical cooperation project in basic education.

    Yuki T; Mizuno K; Ogawa K; Sakai M

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011. 19 p.

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    The making of gender equality in Tunisia and implications for development.

    Baliamoune-Lutz M

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011. 38 p.

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    Gender perceptions in Southeast Asian countries: findings from JICA-RI Value Surveys.

    Yoshida K

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011. 13 p.

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    Gender inequality and economic growth.

    Cuberes D; Teignier M

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011 May. 24 p.

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    Gendered bargains of daily mobility: citing cases from both urban and rural settings.

    Uteng TP

    [Washington, D.C.], World Bank, 2011 Feb. 96 p.

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    Engaging men and boys in refugee settings to address sexual and gender based violence.

    Aasheim C; Buscher D; Peacock D; Ngugi L

    Johannesburg, South Africa, Sonke Gender Justice Network, [2008]. 26 p.

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    Gender disparity in the population of India: a statistical view.

    Pajankar VD; Pajankar P

    Studies of Tribes and Tribals. 2011 Jul; 9(1):61-69.

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    [Fisherwomen: gender subordination and empowerment] Pescadoras: subordinação de gênero e empoderamento.

    Maneschy MC; Siqueira D; Álvares ML

    Estudos Feministas. 2012 Sep-Dec; 20(3):713-737.

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    [Migration and gender. How Bolivian migrants in Argentina narrate their experience] Migraciones y géneros. Formas de narrar los movimientos por parte de migrantes bolivianos/as en Argentina.

    Barral AI

    Estudos Feministas. 2011 Sep-Dec; 19(3):751-775.

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    [Education and employment: gender inequality in Mexican Regions. 2000-2005] Educación y empleo: desigualdad de género en las regiones mexicanas. 2000-2005.

    Aguayo E; Lamelas N

    Estudos Feministas. 2011 Sep-Dec; 19(3):733-750.

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    [Gender mainstreaming or instrumentalization of women?] Transversalização da perspectiva de gênero ou instrumentalização das mulheres?

    Labrecque MF

    Estudos Feministas. 2010 Sep-Dec; 18(3):901-912.

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    [The construction of an agenda concerning gender, socio-environmental disasters, and development] A construção de uma agenda para as questões de gênero, desastres socioambientais e desenvolvimento.

    Freitas RD

    Estudos Feministas. 2010 Sep-Dec; 18(3):889-899.

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    [Sustainable development from a gender perspective – Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba: women as protagonists in rural areas] Desenvolvimento sustentável com perspectiva de gênero – Brasil, México e Cuba: mulheres protagonistas no meio rural.

    Lisboa TK; Lusa MG

    Estudos Feministas. 2010 Sep-Dec; 18(3):871-887.

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    [Migration, gender, and social inequality. The migration of Bolivian women to Argentina] Migración, género y desigualdad social. La migración de mujeres bolivianas hacia Argentina.

    Magliano MJ

    Estudos Feministas. 2009 May-Aug; 17(2):349-367.

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    Improving policies and programs to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence and HIV.

    Population Council

    Population Briefs. 2011 Aug; 17(2):2-3.

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    Bringing clarity to gender equity programs.

    Population Council

    Population Briefs. 2011 Dec; 17(3):8, 5.

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    Closing the gender gap. Act now.

    Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development [OECD]

    Paris, France, OECD Publishing, 2012. 354 p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Gender, sexuality, health and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Padilla MB; Pingel E; Renda E; Reyes AM; Fiereck K

    Global Public Health. 2010; 5(3):213-20.

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    The gender differences in school enrolment and returns to education in Pakistan.

    Qureshi MG

    Pakistan Development Review. 2012 Autumn; 51(3):219-256.

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    Peer Reviewed

    HIV/AIDS and the gendering of stigma in Tamil Nadu, South India.

    Van Hollen C

    Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry. 2010 Dec; 34(4):633-57.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Gender-specific patterns of multiple concurrent sexual partnerships: a national cross sectional survey in Botswana.

    Ho-Foster A; Laetsang D; Masisi M; Anderson M; Tlhoiwe D; Cockcroft A; Andersson N

    AIDS Care. 2010 Aug; 22(8):1006-11.

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