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    Peer Reviewed

    Curbing publicly-funded family planning services in Iran: who is affected?

    Erfani A

    Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. 2017 Jan; 43(1):37-43.

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    Peer Reviewed

    I Always Worry about What Might Happen Ahead: Implementing Safer Conception Services in the Current Environment of Reproductive Counseling for HIV-Affected Men and Women in Uganda.

    Matthews LT; Bajunirwe F; Kastner J; Sanyu N; Akatukwasa C; Ng C; Rifkin R; Milford C; Moore L; Wilson IB; Bangsberg DR; Smit JA; Kaida A

    BioMed Research International. 2016; 2016:4195762.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Fatherhood in a New Country: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences of Afghan Men and Implications for Health Services.

    Riggs E; Yelland J; Szwarc J; Wahidi S; Casey S; Chesters D; Fouladi F; Duell-Piening P; Giallo R; Brown S

    Birth. 2016 Mar; 43(1):86-92.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Evaluating Religious Influences on the Utilization of Maternal Health Services among Muslim and Christian Women in North-Central Nigeria.

    Al-Mujtaba M; Cornelius LJ; Galadanci H; Erekaha S; Okundaye JN; Adeyemi OA; Sam-Agudu NA

    BioMed Research International. 2016; 2016:3645415.

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    Peer Reviewed

    A review of 10 years of vasectomy programming and research in low-resource settings.

    Shattuck D; Perry B; Packer C; Quee DC

    Global Health: Science and Practice. 2016 Dec 23; 4(4):647-660.

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    Peer Reviewed

    That would be good but most men are afraid of coming to the clinic: Men and women's perspectives on strategies to increase male involvement in women's reproductive health services in rural Uganda.

    Sileo KM; Wanyenze RK; Lule H; Kiene SM

    Journal of Health Psychology. 2016 Feb 29;

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    Peer Reviewed

    Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya: are young men allies in social change programmes?

    Brown E; Mwangi-Powell F; Jerotich M; le May V

    Reproductive Health Matters. 2016 May; 24(47):118-25.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Limited accessibility to HIV services for persons with disabilities living with HIV in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia.

    Tun W; Okal J; Schenk K; Esantsi S; Mutale F; Kyeremaa RK; Ngirabakunzi E; Asiah H; McClain-Nhlapo C; Moono G

    Journal of the International AIDS Society. 2016; 19(5 Suppl 4):20829.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Randomized evaluation and cost-effectiveness of HIV and sexual and reproductive health service referral and linkage models in Zambia.

    Hewett PC; Nalubamba M; Bozzani F; Digitale J; Vu L; Yam E; Nambao M

    BMC Public Health. 2016 Aug 12; 16:785.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Intensive Group Learning and On-Site Services to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health Among Young Adults in Liberia: A Randomized Evaluation of HealthyActions.

    Firestone R; Moorsmith R; James S; Urey M; Greifinger R; Lloyd D; Hartenberger-Toby L; Gausman J; Sanoe M

    Global Health, Science and Practice. 2016 Sep 28; 4(3):435-51.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Implementation and acceptability of strategies instituted for engaging men in family planning services in Kibaha district, Tanzania.

    Msovela J; Tengia-Kessy A

    Reproductive Health. 2016 Nov 21; 13(1):138.

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    Needs Assessment on the Use of Health Services Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Hoang HT; Mai TD; Nguyen NA; Thu NT; Van Hiep N; Le B; Colby DJ

    LGBT Health. 2015 Dec; 2(4):341-5.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Trends and determinants of survival for over 200 000 patients on antiretroviral treatment in the Botswana National Program: 2002-2013.

    Farahani M; Price N; El-Halabi S; Mlaudzi N; Keapoletswe K; Lebelonyane R; Fetogang EB; Chebani T; Kebaabetswe P; Masupe T; Gabaake K; Auld A; Nkomazana O; Marlink R

    AIDS. 2016 Jan 28; 30(3):477-85.

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    Health service provider education and/or training in infant male circumcision to improve short- and long-term morbidity outcomes: protocol for systematic review.

    Gyan T; Strobel N; McAuley K; Shannon C; Newton S; Tawiah-Agyemang C; Amenga-Etego S; Owusu-Agyei S; Forbes D; Edmond K

    Systematic Reviews. 2016 Mar 01; 5:41.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Age targeting of voluntary medical male circumcision programs using the Decision Makers' Program Planning Toolkit (DMPPT) 2.0.

    Kripke K; Opuni M; Schnure M; Sgaier S; Castor D; Reed J; Njeuhmeli E; Stover J

    PLoS ONE. 2016 Jul 13; 11(7):e0156909.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Impact and economic evaluations of a combination prevention programme for men who have sex with men in Mexico.

    Colchero MA; Bautista-Arredondo S; Cortes-Ortiz MA; Romero-Martinez M; Salas J; Sosa-Rubi SG; Uribe P

    AIDS. 2016 Jan; 30(2):293-300.

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    Peer Reviewed

    High HIV prevalence and the internet as a source of HIV-related service information at a community-based organization in Peru: a cross-sectional study of men who have sex with men.

    Passaro RC; Haley CA; Sanchez H; Vermund SH; Kipp AM

    BMC Public Health. 2016 Aug 24; 16(871):1-8.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Recruiting male partners for couple HIV testing and counselling in Malawi's option B+ programme: an unblinded randomised controlled trial.

    Rosenberg NE; Mtande TK; Saidi F; Stanley C; Jere E; Paile L; Kumwenda K; Mofolo I; Ng'ambi W; Miller WC; Hoffman I; Hosseinipour M

    Lancet. HIV. 2015 Nov; 2(11):e483-91.

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    Peer Reviewed

    The risks of partner violence following HIV status disclosure, and health service responses: narratives of women attending reproductive health services in Kenya.

    Colombini M; James C; Ndwiga C; Mayhew SH

    Journal of the International AIDS Society. 2016; 19(1):20766.

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    Building women’s economic and social empowerment through enterprise: an experimental assessment of the Women’s Income Generating Support (WINGS) Program in Uganda.

    Blattman C; Green E; Annan J; Jamison J

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2013 Nov. 58 p. (LOGiCA Study Series No.1)

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    Men as contraceptive users: Programs, outcomes and recommendations.

    Hardee K; Croce-Galis M; Gay J

    Washington, D.C., Population Council, The Evidence Project, 2016 Sep. 69 p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Community perceptions of behaviour change communication interventions of the maternal neonatal and child health programme in rural Bangladesh: An exploratory study.

    Rahman A; Leppard M; Rashid S; Jahan N; Nasreen HE

    BMC Health Services Research. 2016 Aug 16; 16(389):1-13.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Qualitative study of the role of men in maternal health in resource-limited communities in western Kenya.

    Brubaker K; Nelson BD; McPherson H; Ahn R; Oguttu M; Burke TF

    International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 2016 Aug 17;

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    Back to Basics Approach for Improving Maternal Health Care Services Utilization in Lao PDR.

    Ngan do K; Kang M; Lee C; Vanphanom S

    Asia - Pacific Journal of Public Health / Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium For Public Health. 2016 Apr; 28(3):244-52.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Patient and provider satisfaction with a comprehensive strategy to improve prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission services in rural Nigeria.

    Boehmer A; Audet CM; Blevins M; Gebi UI; Wester CW; Vermund SH; Aliyu MH

    Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 2016 Aug 1; 72 Suppl 2:S117-S123.

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