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    Voluntary Country Reviews – ensuring meaningful participation and ensuring gender equality targets and goals are at the forefront.

    Women's Major Group [WMG]

    [New York, New York], WMG, 2016 Jul. 4 p. (HLPF 2016 Brief Series #4)

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    Community leadership and gender equality: Experiences of representation in local governance in Timor-Leste.

    Wigglesworth A

    Asian Politics and Policy. 2013 Oct; 5(4):567-584.

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    Women's health and governance: lessons for strengthening health systems.

    Hirschberg I; Veillard J

    Entre Nous. 2009; (68):10-11.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Gender balance and the meanings of women in governance in post-genocide Rwanda.

    Burnet JE

    African Affairs. 2008; 107(428):361-386.

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    Gender budget initiatives: Strategies, concepts and experiences. Papers from a High Level International Conference ‘Strengthening Economic and Financial Governance Through Gender Responsive Budgeting’, Brussels, 16-18 October 2001.

    Judd K

    New York, New York, United Nations Development Fund for Women, [UNIFEM], 2002. 197 p.

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    Bringing women into governance.

    Centre for Development and Population Activities [CEDPA]

    Washington, D.C., CEDPA, 2006. 20 p.

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    Performances of resistance: women's struggle for political power in Cambodia.

    Lilja M

    [Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic], United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women [INSTRAW], 2006 Mar. [44] p. (New Voices, Perspectives)

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    Post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina: The erosion of women's rights under international governance.

    Smith T

    Critical Half. 2005 Fall; 3(2):39-42.

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    By the people and for the people: Constitution-building, gender and democratization.

    Shoemaker J

    Critical Half. 2005 Summer; 3(1):9-13.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Women's participation in local water governance: understanding institutional contradictions.

    Singh N

    Gender, Technology and Development. 2006; 10(1):61-76.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Women's labor movement, state suppression, and democratization in South Korea.

    Nam JL

    Asian Journal of Women's Studies. 2002 Mar 31; 8(1):[10] p..

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    Coalition building, election rules, and party politics: South African women's path to Parliament.

    Britton HE

    Africa Today. 2002; 49(4):33-67.

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    Margins, centers, and democracy: the paradigmatic history of women's suffrage.

    Markoff J

    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. 2003 Autumn; 29(1):85-116.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Bringing government to the people: women, local governance and community participation in South Africa.

    McEwan C

    Geoforum. 2003 Nov; 34(4):469-481.

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    Women and local governance in Iraq: fostering participation and empowerment.

    Taddesse S; Brinkerhoff DW

    [Research Triangle Park, North Carolina], RTI International, 2005 May. 4 p. (Lessons Learned Brief No. 5; USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse DocID / Order No. PN-ADE-865)

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    Women: Africa's ignored combatants. Gradual progress towards a greater role in DDR.

    Harsch E

    Africa Renewal. 2005 Oct; 19(3):17-18.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Women's empowerment and democratization: the effects of electoral systems, participation, and experience in Africa.

    Lindberg SI

    Studies in Comparative International Development. 2004 Spring; 39(1):28-53.

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    [Women's rights in Jordanian legislation and a look at the future]

    Al-Rashdan AN

    Al-Sukkan Wal-Tanmiya. 1994; 1(1):161-186.

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    Creating voice and carving space: redefining governance from a gender perspective.

    Mukhopadhyay M; Meer S

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, Royal Tropical Institute [KIT], Development Policy and Practice, 2004. 214 p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Promoting gender sensitivity in local governance in Ghana.

    Ofei-Aboagye E

    Development in Practice. 2004 Nov; 14(6):753-760.

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    Governing for equity: gender, citizenship and governance.

    Mukhopadhyay M

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, Royal Tropical Institute, KIT Publishers, 2003. 133 p.

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    Gender, citizenship and governance: a global source book.

    Valk M; Cummings S; van Dam H

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, Royal Tropical Institute, KIT Publishers, 2004. 135 p. (Gender, Society and Development; Critical Reviews and Annotated Bibliographies Series)

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    Peer Reviewed

    The impact of structural adjustment on women: a governance and human rights agenda.

    Sadasivam B

    Human Rights Quarterly. 1997; 19:630-665.

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    To make a difference: realities of women's participation in Papua New Guinea politics.

    Sepoe O

    Development Bulletin. 2002 Oct; (59):39-42.

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    Introduction: Political participation in the Pacific: issues of gender, race and religion.

    Thomas P

    Development Bulletin. 2002 Oct; (59):7-10.

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