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    Peer Reviewed

    Medical Management of Endometriosis in Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain.

    Bedaiwy MA; Allaire C; Yong P; Alfaraj S

    Seminars In Reproductive Medicine. 2016 Dec 21;

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    Peer Reviewed

    Fatherhood in a New Country: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences of Afghan Men and Implications for Health Services.

    Riggs E; Yelland J; Szwarc J; Wahidi S; Casey S; Chesters D; Fouladi F; Duell-Piening P; Giallo R; Brown S

    Birth. 2016 Mar; 43(1):86-92.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Opportunities for male involvement during pregnancy in Magu district, rural Tanzania.

    Vermeulen E; Solnes Miltenburg A; Barras J; Maselle N; van Elteren M; van Roosmalen J

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2016 Mar 29; 16:66.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Males' Ability to Report Their Partner's Contraceptive Use at Last Sex in a Nationally Representative Sample: Implications for Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Evaluations.

    Garbers S; Scheinmann R; Gold MA; Catallozzi M; House L; Koumans EH; Bell DL

    American Journal of Men's Health. 2016 Dec 05;

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    High-level support builds sustainable health care waste management in Benue State.

    JSI Research and Training Institute. Strengthening High Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation [AIDSFree]

    Arlington, Virginia, AIDSFree, 2016 Oct. 2 p. (AIDSFree Success Story; USAID Cooperative Agreement No. AID-OAA-A-14-00046)

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    Peer Reviewed

    Household Financial Management and Women's Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence in the Philippines: A Study Using Propensity Score Methods.

    Tsai LC

    Violence Against Women. 2016 Apr 27;

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    Peer Reviewed

    'If I go with him, I can't talk with other women': Understanding women's resistance to, and acceptance of, men's involvement in maternal and child healthcare in northern Ghana.

    Ganle JK; Dery I; Manu AA; Obeng B

    Social Science and Medicine. 2016 Oct; 166:195-204.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Implementation and acceptability of strategies instituted for engaging men in family planning services in Kibaha district, Tanzania.

    Msovela J; Tengia-Kessy A

    Reproductive Health. 2016 Nov 21; 13(1):138.

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    Peer Reviewed

    The Silk Road Health Project: How Mobility and Migration Status Influence HIV Risks among Male Migrant Workers in Central Asia.

    El-Bassel N; Gilbert L; Shaw SA; Mergenova G; Terlikbayeva A; Primbetova S; Ma X; Chang M; Ismayilova L; Hunt T; West B; Wu E; Beyrer C

    PloS One. 2016; 11(3):e0151278.

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    Sexual functioning and commitment to their current relationship among breastfeeding and regularly cycling women in Manila, Philippines.

    Escasa-Dorne MJ

    Human Nature. 2015 Mar; 26(1):89-101.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Service readiness, health facility management practices, and delivery care utilization in five states of Nigeria: a cross-sectional analysis.

    Gage AJ; Ilombu O; Akinyemi AI

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2016 Oct 6; 16(297):1-13.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Ability and willingness to pay for voluntary medical male circumcision: a cross-sectional survey in Kisumu County, Kenya.

    Wandei S; Nangami M; Egesa O

    AIDS Care. 2016; 28(4):471-4.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Prevalence and associated factors of depressive and anxiety symptoms among HIV-infected men who have sex with men in China.

    Li J; Mo PK; Kahler CW; Lau JT; Du M; Dai Y; Shen H

    AIDS Care. 2016; 28(4):465-70.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Men, masculinity, and engagement with treatment as prevention in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

    Chikovore J; Gillespie N; McGrath N; Orne-Gliemann J; Zuma T

    AIDS Care. 2016; 28 Suppl 3:74-82.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Attitudes to female genital mutilation/cutting among male adolescents in Ilorin, Nigeria.

    Adeniran AS; Ijaiya MA; Fawole AA; Balogun OR; Adesina KT; Olatinwo AW; Olarinoye AO; Adeniran IP

    South African Medical Journal. 2016 Jul 4; 106(8):822-823.

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    Inequality and Changing Masculinities Among the Gende in Papua New Guinea: The ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Very Bad’.

    Zimmer-Tamakoshi L

    Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology. 2016 Aug 7; 17(3-4):250-267.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Qualitative study of the role of men in maternal health in resource-limited communities in western Kenya.

    Brubaker K; Nelson BD; McPherson H; Ahn R; Oguttu M; Burke TF

    International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 2016 Aug 17;

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    Peer Reviewed

    District health manager and mid-level provider perceptions of practice environments in acute obstetric settings in Tanzania: a mixed-method study.

    Ng'ang'a N; Byrne MW; Kruk ME; Shemdoe A; de Pinho H

    Human Resources For Health. 2016; 14(1):47.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Health workers' perspectives, knowledge and skills regarding community case management of childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia: a qualitative inquiry for an implementation research project "Nigraan" in District Badin, Sindh, Pakistan.

    Rabbani F; Perveen S; Aftab W; Zahidie A; Sangrasi K; Qazi SA

    BMC Health Services Research. 2016 Sep 1; 16(462):1-10.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Using conjoint analysis to determine the impact of product and user characteristics on acceptability of rectal microbicides for HIV prevention among Peruvian men who have sex with men.

    Tang EC; Galea JT; Kinsler JJ; Gonzales P; Sobieszczyk ME; Sanchez J; Lama JR

    Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2016 May; 92(3):200-5.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Young men's awareness and knowledge of intrauterine devices in the United States.

    Marshall CJ; Gomez AM

    Contraception. 2015 Nov; 92(5):494-500.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Depressive Symptoms, Acute Alcohol Intoxication, and Risk Rationale Effects on Men's Condom Use Resistance.

    Neilson EC; Eakins DR; Cue Davis K; Norris J; George WH

    Journal of Sex Research. 2016 Aug 22; 1-12.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Is oral contraceptive-induced headache dependent on patent foramen ovale? Clinical dynamics, evidence-based hypothesis and possible patient-oriented management.

    Chiofalo B; Lagana AS; Imbesi G; Vitale SG; Catena U; Campolo F; Lanzo G; Centini G; Triolo O

    Medical Hypotheses. 2016 Sep; 94:86-8.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Overcome your anger if you are a man: silencing women's agency to voice violence against women.

    Akyuz S; Sayan-Cengiz F

    Women's Studies International Forum. 2016 Jul 1; 57:1-10.

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    Framing the problem of rape in South Africa: Gender, race, class and state histories.

    Buiten D; Naidoo K

    Current Sociology. 2016 Jul 1; 64(4):535-550.

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