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    Peer Reviewed

    Lost in transition: HIV prevalence and correlates of infection among young people living in post-emergency phase transit camps in Gulu District, Northern Uganda.

    Patel S; Schechter MT; Sewankambo NK; Atim S; Kiwanuka N; Spittal PM

    PloS One. 2014; 9(2):e89786.

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    Peer Reviewed

    War and HIV: sex and gender differences in risk behaviour among young men and women in post-conflict Gulu District, northern Uganda.

    Patel S; Schechter MT; Sewankambo NK; Atim S; Lakor S

    Global Public Health. 2014 Feb 28; [17] p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Understanding the partial protection of male circumcision for HIV prevention among women in Iringa Region, Tanzania: an ethnomedical model.

    Layer EH; Beckham SW; Momburi RB; Kennedy CE

    AIDS Care. 2013 Aug; 25(8):1045-50.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Efficacy of SISTA South Africa on sexual behavior and relationship control among isiXhosa women in South Africa: results of a randomized-controlled trial.

    Wingood GM; Reddy P; Lang DL; Saleh-Onoya D; Braxton N; Sifunda S; DiClemente RJ

    Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 2013 Jun 1; 63 Suppl 1:S59-65.

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    Peer Reviewed

    A tale of two "cultures": HIV risk narratives in South Africa.

    Saethre E; Stadler J

    Medical Anthropology. 2009 Jul; 28(3):268-84.

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    Peer Reviewed

    The prevalence of the use of 'dry sex' traditional medicines, among Zambian women, and the profile of the users.

    Mbikusita-Lewanika M; Stephen H; Thomas J

    Psychology, Health and Medicine. 2009 Mar; 14(2):227-38.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Potential acceptability of microbicides in HIV prevention in stable marital relationships in Malawi.

    Bisika T

    Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. 2009 Apr; 35(2):115-7.

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    Peer Reviewed

    In search of sexual pleasure and fidelity: vaginal practices in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

    Scorgie F; Kunene B; Smit JA; Manzini N; Chersich MF; Preston-Whyte EM

    Culture, Health and Sexuality. 2009 Apr; 11(3):267-83.

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  9. 9

    Condom failure in South Africa [letter]

    Simbayi LC; Kalichman SC

    South African Medical Journal. 2007 Jul; 97(7):476.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Vaginal practices: eroticism and implications for women’s health and condom use in Mozambique.

    Bagnol B; Mariano E

    Culture, Health and Sexuality. 2008 Aug; 10(6):573-585.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Associations between sexual behaviour change among young people and decline in HIV prevalence in Zambia.

    Sandoy IF; Michelo C; Siziya S; Fylkesnes K

    BMC Public Health. 2007 Apr 23; 7(1):60.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Anal and dry sex in commercial sex work, and relation to risk for sexually transmitted infections and HIV in Meru, Kenya.

    Schwandt M; Morris C; Ferguson A; Ngugi E; Moses S

    Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2006 Oct; 82(5):392-396.

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  13. 13

    On socio-cultural factors and barriers to HIV prevention for Malawi women [letter]

    Muula AS

    Women and Health. 2005; 42(4):123-125.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Distinguishing the temporal association between women's intravaginal practices and risk of human immunodeficiency virus infection: a prospective study of South African women.

    Myer L; Denny L; de Souza M; Wright TC Jr; Kuhn L

    American Journal of Epidemiology. 2006 Mar 15; 163(6):552-560.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Intravaginal practices, bacterial vaginosis, and women's susceptibility to HIV infection: epidemiological evidence and biological mechanisms.

    Myer L; Kuhn L; Stein ZA; Wright TC Jr; Denny L

    Lancet Infectious Diseases. 2005 Dec; 5:786-794.

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  16. 16

    Gender, sexuality and harmful sexual practices.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Department of Reproductive Health and Research

    Progress in Reproductive Health Research. 2005; (67):6.

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  17. 17

    The practice and prevalence of dry sex among men and women in South Africa: a risk factor for sexually transmitted infections?

    Beksinska ME; Rees HV; Kleinschmidt I; McIntyre J

    Sexually Transmitted Infections. 1999; 75(3):178-180.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Dry sex practices and HIV infection in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. [Pratiques sexuelles sèches et infection par le VIH en République Dominicaine et à Haïti]

    Halperin DT

    Sexually Transmitted Infections. 1999; 75(6):445-446.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Vaginal wetness: an underestimated problem experienced by progestogen injectable contraceptive users in South Africa.

    Smit J; McFadyen L; Zuma K; Preston-Whyte E

    Social Science and Medicine. 2002 Nov; 55(9):1511-1522.

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  20. 20

    Society for Women and AIDS in Africa (SWAA): Third International Conference on Women and AIDS in Africa, Yaounde, Cameroon, November 19-22, 1991.

    Society for Women and AIDS in Africa

    [Unpublished] 1991. [9] p.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Male circumcision and penis enhancement in Southeast Asia: matters of pain and pleasure.

    Hull TH; Budiharsana M

    Reproductive Health Matters. 2001 Nov; 9(18):60-7.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Namibian Women's Manifesto.

    Reproductive Health Matters. 2000 Nov; 8(16):182.

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  23. 23

    Putting men in the picture: problems of male reproductive health in Southeast Asia.

    Hull TH; Budiharsana M

    [Unpublished] 2001. Presented at the 24th Congress of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population [IUSSP], Salvador, Brazil, August 18-24, 2001. [15] p.

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  24. 24

    Improving women's sexual lives. Facts about health are not enough.

    Women's Health Exchange. 2001; (8):1, 8.

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  25. 25

    The sexuality of young people and AIDS in Cameroon.

    Abega SC

    SOCIETES D'AFRIQUE ET SIDA. 1996 Apr; (12):5-6.

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